What is Organization Development (OD)?
OD is a system wide initiative to increase your organizations’ effectiveness and vitality. These initiatives can include:
re-defining your vision and mission, updating organizational structure, strategic planning, leadership development, team building, and conflict resolution.

Our approach is:
• A 50/50 partnership of shared ownership.
If you want change, you will help lead the change.

• Commitment to participative processes.
You, your leadership and key stakeholders
will be involved in goal setting and problem solving.

• Commitment to outcomes. My role is to manage
the process that will get you to your outcomes.

• Ongoing communication. Maintaining clear roles
and realistic expectations to ensure successful
working relationship.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Professional Leadership Coaching is a future focused process using the client’s goals and desired outcomes to develop leadership qualities. With an optimistic/appreciative stance, clients are encouraged in their growth by developing self-awareness and by building on their strengths and talents.
Using well-established models and a collaborative coach-client relationship, clients define priorities, take action, move through transitions, and strengthen their leadership by sharpening skills such as communication, problem solving, and generating high performance in those around them.  A shared commitment to process and outcomes is critical to the success of the coach/client relationship.  A coach’s role is to monitor progress towards implementation of action steps and manage the process that will get the client to his or her outcomes.
If you are interested in an initial complimentary coaching session, ponder the question, What is my life for? and call 215 432 5357 or email me, Rosalind@spigelconsulting.com.
P.S.  Coaching is not counseling or therapy. 

What are our Hiring Services?

Our range of hiring services starts with a one page “snapshot” of your candidate’s suitability with your company, and can go up to writing the job posting, evaluating resumes, contacting the candidate, screening interviews, conducting behavioral surveys, background checks, in-depth interviews of final candidates, 30 day follow up with company, and coaching services that include on-boarding, retention, and development.

… and why use us for Hiring?
We may know intuitively that happy people are productive people. Here are some numbers why hiring the right person is a straight line to your bottom line.

A misfit costs more than $50,000*
The average cost of a new employee, close to $58,000^
Resoomay estimates the cost of hiring the wrong manager at $62,000 after two and half years, including hiring, compensation, disruption, severance, mistakes and failures is about $840,000^
Our instrument has a 90% accuracy rate

In his blog, Richard Branson writes, “The first thing to look for when searching for a great employee is somebody with a personality that fits with your company culture. Most skills can be learned, but it is difficult to train people on their personality.”

We can identify your next great employee, one who is not only the best fit, but the right fit.  

Looking to get Hired?

It is astonishing how many people out there who don’t like their jobs.  Numbers vary, but approximately 65% of individuals surveyed in 2012, “were either somewhat or totally unsatisfied with their jobs”

Causes of job dissatisfaction include being underpaid, overworked, limited career growth, lack of interest, lack of challenges, and dissonance with company culture.  If you are looking to make a change, let’s start by finding more out about why and how you do things by clicking on this survey link and enter 236291ABY in the response link box.